Deco Decals 3 Pack – Metric


Plan – Dive – Erase – Repeat Traffic light coloured-coded to highlight best practice in dive planning, the coloured boarders allow divers to easily identify the status of the dive at a glance. The primary decal (green) allows all the necessary information to be recorded, it includes; maximum depth (with two deep stops), run times, gases carried (both primary and deco) and a way-point check. The user friendly grids record depth with the corresponding run time written below, making your dive plan simple to read and understand at depth. They are sized to fit a standard wrist slate.

Deco-Decals are digitally printed on high quality gloss vinyl, with a durable transparent varnish. They can be written on with a waterproof pen and wiped clean afterwards with a ‘magic sponge’ or similar product. The decals can be used multiple times before they need replacing.


Set of 3 Adhesive Dive Plan Decals with Pre-Printed Deco stops