There is an explorer inside of you bursting to come out and discover new things We like going a bit deeper and darker for longer, we do it for fun Work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths…

You have probably landed on this site because there is an explorer inside of you bursting to come out and discover new things.

Maybe you are already a diver and you’re looking for the next adventure or maybe you are thinking about becoming a diver, whatever your situation is, let us you guide into the underwater wonderland.

Primarily we teach technical diving, but can also assist with beginner courses, on request.

What is technical diving?
Don’t confuse technical diving with commercial diving. Commercial divers get paid to be underwater labourers. Technical divers are still sport divers, we just like going a bit deeper, or longer, or darker, but we do it for fun.

Your typical sport, or recreational diver, dives within the limits that they would have learned on their Open Water or Advanced Diver courses. For example, not diving deeper than 40m or not diving beyond the “no decompression” time limits of their dive tables or dive computer. Most recreational divers are trained in the use of Nitrox which is a breathing gas with more than 21% oxygen (Why? Take a nitrox course and we’ll teach you) but technical divers could use multiple gas mixes, including trimix and 100% oxygen on a dive.

If you’re a diver you will know about decompression illness and one of the ways we avoid it is by sticking to your computer’s no deco limit. Decompression creates a “glass ceiling” above you, if something goes wrong you can’t just go to the surface. You would have to complete your decompression obligation first, which means that if you have a problem you need to learn how to deal with that problem while you are underwater. That’s one of the reasons why you need specific tech training.

We teach you problem solving and how to dive better.

You won’t be able to do a line tie-off in a cave without silting out the cave if your buoyancy isn’t 100%. We start with the basics and get them perfect, before we do anything else.
Training is offered anywhere in the world.

Work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths…


Training Terms & Conditions:

Please note that payment of course fees does not guarantee certification. If after the prescribed number of dives, your skills are not at the required minimum, we reserve the right to withhold certification until your skills meet performance requirements. Any additional dives required to complete your training, will be charged for. We also highly recommend that you are a member of Divers Alert Network and have a diving medical prior to the start of your course. Online course fees are for theory only and do not include the fees payable to complete dives necessary for certification.
Also note that gas bills for Nitrox, Oxygen and Helium and CO2 absorbent are at the students cost.